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Bypass Network card | A good helper for network security equipmen

Date:2022-05-07View:1848Tags:10G network card, 10g network card, intel network card, bypass network card, firewall network card

    Network security is the protection of the vital interests of individuals, businesses and countries. It usually refers to the security of computer networks, and it can also refer to the security of computer communication networks. The construction of network security includes the network security and data security infrastructure of the data center, as well as the data security operation platform, threat detection, anti-attack capability assessment, etc. LR-LINK's existing Bypass network card solution is a series of products that help the development of network security. Network security equipment is generally used between two or more networks, and the application in network security equipment The program will analyze the network packets passing through it to determine whether there is a threat. When there is a problem with the device (power failure or crash), the traffic cannot pass through the network link. The Bypass function can directly achieve physical connection between the two networks without passing through the network security device through a specific trigger state. It is especially suitable for network security equipment platforms such as firewalls, antivirus gateways, gatekeepers, and data monitoring.

    This 10G dual-optical port Bypass series network card launched by LR-LINK supports the free choice of 10G dual-optical port single-mode single-channel and 10G dual-optical multi-mode single-channel. Based on the Intel main control solution, it has the advantages of high stability and strong compatibility, and has three working modes: normal, disconnected and bypass. It is the first 10 Gigabit fiber Bypass network card launched by LR-LINK. It can be widely used in high-throughput gateways, firewalls and other network devices. This solution can realize automatic switching and shield faulty nodes without human intervention.
    Compared with the previous Gigabit Bypass series network card, it not only has a higher transmission rate, but also the physical structure of the conventional PCIe network card is more suitable for different network security devices. Users only need to insert the Bypass network card into the PCIe slot to meet the requirements. Normal use.
    In today's globalized exchanges and cooperation, it is urgent to ensure the security of the Internet environment. This is not just a problem of the company itself, nor is it a problem of just one country. Mr. Kapambwe, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, once said, "We all agree that cybersecurity is a global problem that can only be solved through global cooperation. ."
   LR-LINK is doing its best to help the development of network security with professional network card solutions.