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Date:2016-12-08View:7531Tags:network card,firewall,Gigabit Ethernet,Gigabit,Server network card

Project Background

Firewall is a kind of high performance hardware firewall, compared with other hardware firewall has essential difference.Actually,other hardware firewall is running a software firewall on PC platform, and the firewall is by ASIC chip to carry out the strategy of firewall and data encryption, so it's much faster than other firewalls. From software features, the firewall is a combination of state detection and application agent, for most of the applications of a firewall is monitoring the whole communication state,if the communication state is found to be abnormal, it wil refuse to enter a protected internal network, for FTP or H322 and other communication status is not well tracked service,the firewall by applying the agent to ensure the security of the service.

Introduction of the project


Effect of Solution

Equipment of a technology company. It has three Ethernet interfaces: DMZ interface, Trust interface and Untrust interface. As shown in the figure, the Trust interface is connected to the protected intranet, Untrust is connected to an external network (such as the Internet), and the DMZ interface is connected to the company's external servers, such as the Mail server and the WEB server. From the security level, the Trust interface is the most secure, followed by the DMZ, and finally Untrust. Taking into account the impact of security factors, the solution uses the network card LREC9712HT-BP produced by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd.

Product Introduction

LREC9712HT-BP is a PCI Express x4 Dual Port Copper(RJ45) Gigabit Bypass Server Adapter based on Intel I350AM2 Chipset, independently researched and designed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD.LR-LINK’s LREC9712HT-BP Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Bypass server adapter supports Normal, Disconnect and Bypass modes.
LREC9712HT-BP is developed based on Intel I350AM2 two-port Ethernet MAC + PHY (media access controller and the physical interface transceiver) controller, the highest in one billion Ethernet connections at the same time allow two ports to work full-duplex mode to adapt to the high performance network communication, can through the link aggregation extension bandwidth and PCI Express channel resources can be saved and without bus bandwidth.LREC9712HT-BP alsosupport PCI-SIG Single-Root I/O virtualization and sharing specification (SR-IOV).

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