Solution of Internet bar fiber to desktop
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Internet Cafe

Date:2016-12-18View:7188Tags:Internet cafe industry,10gbe,10G network card,Fiber to desktop

Project background

Four years ago,when the Internet cafe industry began to fall into recession, some Internet cafes were already trying to transform, and now the policy will accelerate the process.In 2015, there are three changes in the Internet cafe industry that deserve attention: the Internet bar is more diversified, the Internet bar holds the electricity competition, the primary and secondary students or the access.

In 2014, some one puts forward the concept of "Internet cafes", so, the rise of all kinds of "Internet cafes" have sprung up, but the understanding of "Internet cafes" are various, have a rough understanding for Internet cafes + coffee, have understanding for Internet cafes + homemade drinks, and understanding for Internet cafes + luxury decoration, in fact, in my opinion, it is still a big Internet cafe!

Introduction of the project

Effect of Solutions

Some Internet cafes have 200 terminals, Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD. (Abbreviation: Lianrui) with Internet cafe industry giant  to meet Internet cafe wired access server, using Lianrui 10G Server Adapter LREC9812AF-2SFP+ ,Internet access , using LREC6801AF-SFP+ Single Port 10G series of network cards. The external network is dual optical fiber access, respectively is telecom 20M+ unicom 20M, top off at the peak,hope that under the condition of without increasing bandwidth, through transforming the problem of network card, and realize the WiFi coverage. Perfect to realize the combination of Internet cafe fiber to the desktop, use the second open accelerate route + second open cache solution, to solve the problem of network card and WiFi coverage.

Product Introduction

LREC9812AF-2SFP+ is a PCIe x8 2*SFP+ Dual SFP+ Port 10G Ethernet Network Card Based on Broadcom BCM57810S Chipset, using LC fiber cable connect to achieve the Internet cafe fiber to the desktop perfect solutions.

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