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Date:2016-12-08View:7862Tags:Gateway,Network and I/O,Ethernet convergence network adapter x540 T2,x540 t2,Ethernet convergence

Project Background:
The internet and online service hall access platforms are logically isolated from the Internet and meet the relevant functional requirements of level 3 protection. The comprehensive audit system guarantees WEB logs, database logs, server logs, etc., for a period of at least six months. Two unidirectional import and export channels are established using two security isolation and one-way transmission systems (ie, one-way optical shutters) to exchange data between internal and external networks, and to perform protocol stripping, format checking and content filtering on incoming and outgoing data.



Implementation Effect:
This solution uses the LREC9701EF-TX/RX Gigabit SFP module + one-way transmission module used by customers of a technology company, which has great influence in the network gate industry to enable direct transmission of data. At present, it is very useful to transfer data between many administrative units and extranets. Because of the dense network of the government's internal network and the external network (connected to the Internet) is "physically isolated", but many government affairs documents on the external network are expected to be used in the internal network, and the workload is high due to manual copying. 

The unidirectional gatekeeper can transmit the files of the external network to the intranet which meets the requirements of data confidentiality:
 A Data Technology Unidirectional Light Gate passed the inspection of the designated unit of the Ministry of Public Security's network supervision bureau and merged into its procurement list
Unidirectional shutter technology is absolutely unidirectional and prevents information leakage
Hezhong Data Technology one-way shutters have a very low packet loss rate and support both database and file synchronization modes to meet expanding business requirements
The core equipment has completely independent intellectual property rights.

Product Introduction
LREC9701EF-TX/RX one-way transmission optical network card is the second-generation Gigabit fiber unidirectional transmission Ethernet adapter card developed by Shenzhen Ruirui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on Inetl 82576. It is composed of a sending end network card and a receiving end network card, and uses a single LC fiber cable connection. The use of optical fiber unidirectional transmission technology effectively ensures the stability of data transmission and reduces the packet loss rate. Due to the one-way transmission characteristic of light, it not only realizes the physical isolation between the internal network of the computer and the external network, but also ensures the one-way transmission of data between the internal and external networks in real time, reliably, and safely.

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