Solution of machine vision image acquisition card
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Machine Vision

Date:2016-12-23View:8103Tags:Machine Vision,Acquisition card,Image acquisition card,Gigabit Poe

Project Background

Using machine vision technology is a system that uses technology to replace the human eye for measurement and judgment. It uses optical devices and non-contact sensors to automatically obtain information such as the distribution, brightness and color of the target object device through image processing according to the pixels of the image. And can carry out various calculations and discriminant analysis to extract the required feature information or to perform motion control on some field devices according to the results of discriminant analysis.

Introduction of the project

Project Features

IP terminals in the machine vision industry (such as IP intercom phones, wifi wireless LAN access point APs, web cameras, etc.). They can not only provide power for such devices when transmitting data signals. The development of an Ethernet network card with POE function has great influence in the machine vision industry. The adoption of the LRES2004PT-POE adapter can ensure the safety of the existing structured cabling and at the same time ensure the normal operation of the existing network, thereby minimizing costs and achieving the perfect combination of data transmission for machine vision solutions.

Product introduction

LRES2004PT-POE is a PCIe x4 high-performance four-port copper cable (RJ45) Gigabit PoE + Ethernet image collector based on the Intel I350 chipset, independently developed and designed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. It can be compatible with PCIe x8, x16 channels at the same time. LRES2004PT-POE provides a standard PoE + power port (also supports PoE). Each port can provide 15.4W / 48V power supply and 1000Mbps bandwidth, use PoE + power supply standards that comply with IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at, support 9KB jumbo data frames, and meet the needs of various high-definition data transmission.


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