Small business server network card solution
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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Date:2016-12-08View:3652Tags:Server network card,10 Gigabit network card,Optical network card,network card

Project Background

The costs, the waste and the chaos of management are increasing sharply with the further intensification and deepening of enterprise informatization. The utilization of servers is low, and the utilization efficiency is not balanced. The utilization rate of most of the machines running in the computer room is very low. The resource utilization of CPU, memory and hard disk space does not exceed 15% because one server can only have one operating system and is limited by the system and software development platform. A lot of system resources are idle.
Virtualization technology is transforming the state of the IT industry by enabling organizations to dynamically improve the performance and efficiency of their IT infrastructure. The virtual machine play a major role in the organization, each virtual machine exists as a small group of files that simulate the entire hardware platform, including the CPU, RAM, and network ports. This powerful technology breaks the traditional system of "one server, one application" and summarizes its advantages: improving server utilization, realizing high availability of the server, and being easy to manage and maintain.


Solution Introduction:


Implementation features:
In response to the above situation, lr-link collaborates with A technology company to achieve a virtualized storage solution: a unified storage solution that integrates FC-SAN, IP-SAN, and NAS:
Excellent caching algorithm, greatly reducing the response delay by 50%;
SSD hybrid storage pool effectively prevents startup storms and reduces TCO;
Online compression reduces front-end application load and supports more desktops;
The deduplication function reduces the space occupation by 80%;
A variety of data protection measures to make the desktop more secure;
Compatible with VMware, Citrix, KVM and other virtualization systems;
Support OpenStack, CloudStack and other platforms.

 The implemented plan adopted LR-LINK LREC9812BF-2SFP+ dual-port 10 Gigabit server optical fiber network card to enable the entire program to have excellent acceleration capabilities, significantly improve the overall system performance, improve the efficiency of user business operations by 50%, and reduce the burden of technology to increase desktop density to further reduce project costs. Reduce maintenance and management costs, get rid of all the problems of the PC all day long and the busy situation of updating. Concentrate manage all key data to avoid damage to the core system or data due to terminal security.

LR-LINK Product Introduction

LREC9812BF-2SFP+ dual-port 10 Gigabit network adapter is based on the Intel X710 controller, PCI-E3.0, 2 SFP+ ports and LC fiber connections for enterprise virtualization solutions.

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