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The OCP network card will be mainstream of the future data center

Date:2021-09-07View:84Tags:OCP network card,the future data center,reduce costs and increase efficiency,OCP Server Work


As a basic platform carrying storage, transmission and computing requirements, and a physical base supporting the application of new generation digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, the data center has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities in the rapidly developing digital economy. However, the traditional data center presents problems such as high cost, low energy efficiency, wrong resources and demand. How to move forward to the high-quality development path of data center in the future has become an important goal of China's new infrastructure construction.


In early July this year, The Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the notice of the three-year action plan for the development of new data centers (2021-2023), emphasizing the need to build a new data center with high technology, high computing power, high energy efficiency and high security.


The development of "4-highs" trend in data center and the decade of open computing


The original purpose of open computing was to "reduce costs and increase efficiency", which naturally coincided with the new data center's high-quality development path with "4-highs" as the technical core. Ten years ago, fackbook opened the whole cabinet and related hardware standards to optimize the installation, delivery, operation and maintenance of servers and cabinets, so as to continuously improve the overall performance, improve the efficiency and reduce the PUE value.

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According to fackbook, at that time, the actual energy efficiency was increased by 38%, while the cost was reduced by 24%, and even the PUE of the data center was reduced from 1.5 to 1.04. You know, this is the data more than 10 years ago. Even today, many core cities only require PUE < 1.3 for the energy efficiency of new high-grade data centers.


At present, the three full cabinet standards are widely used, including Open Rack of OCP foundation, Scorpio Full cabinet series of odcc, a local open computing organization in China, and 19 inch full cabinet of open19. In different fields, the complete cabinet is rapidly popularized in large-scale data centers because of its high efficiency, energy saving, rapid deployment, convenient operation and maintenance, and low cost. At the third OCP China day conference, omdia jointly released the global open computing development report. The report predicts that 36% of servers will be based on open standards in 2021, and this proportion will continue to increase to 40% by 2025.


"4-high" technical standards of the whole cabinet


High technology: Traditionally, the data center mainly provides basic resource services such as cabinet and bandwidth rental to the market. The core of its operator competition is the acquisition of resources such as land, power, energy consumption and bandwidth and the maintenance ability of infrastructure. The whole cabinet is the basic bearing of a series of technologies under the open computing system. It can be said that the high-tech characteristics cover all aspects of the whole cabinet, ranging from deployment and installation to power supply accessories.


At the same time, in terms of the internal network of the data center, the birth of new network technology (such as intelligent network card, programmable network, etc.) and intelligent management have become important technical indicators to further improve the delivery, operation and maintenance efficiency of the whole cabinet of the data center.


High computing: for the data center, high computing power is realized mainly through two aspects: the first is the continuous progress of chip technology, and the second is the high-density deployment of IT equipment in the rack.


By integrating multiple nodes in one cabinet, the whole cabinet can accommodate more it equipment and carry greater computing power and storage capacity. As a standard for the delivery of the whole cabinet, ocp3.0 network card has unique natural advantages in high-density deployment.

 (The pictures from Internet)


Energy efficiency: as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the original intention of open computing is to "reduce cost and increase efficiency", and more than 10 years ago, the pue value of fackbook data center has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.04. Compared with China, according to statistics, by the end of 2020, the power consumption of China's data center accounts for about 1% of the power consumption of the whole society, and the average pue value is 1.6 ~ 1.7. If the number of data center racks increases by 30% per year in the future, it is expected that by the end of the 14th five year plan, the power consumption of data center will account for more than 3% of the power consumption of the whole society. Therefore, deploying a new data center with a whole cabinet is not only an important means for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also an important path to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

High security: with the development of the digital economy era, the importance of data center as a basic platform carrying storage, transmission and computing power requirements, as well as a physical base supporting the application of new generation digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain is self-evident.


On September 1, 2021, China's data security law officially came into force, which indicates that China has paid unprecedented attention to the field of data security. As we all know, enterprise data is stored in the data center, and these data converge into our intelligent internet life today. If there is a problem with the security of the data center, it is no less than the explosion of an atomic bomb on earth. From the personal privacy of residents to the military secrets of the country's important weapons, they are presented to the enemy without reservation. Therefore, almost all data centers around the world regard security as the top priority of data centers from site selection and construction to actual operation and maintenance.


Ten years ago, the open computing organization was born, and the whole cabinet has become the core infrastructure of the data center. In November of the same year, the domestic Scorpio Alliance (the predecessor of odcc) was established, which also promoted the formation of the industry specification of the whole cabinet server, in order to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the enterprise and improve the delivery, operation and maintenance efficiency. Today, "carbon reduction, efficiency enhancement and practice" is still the concept and future development direction of open computing organizations, which coincides with the development concept of China's open data center committee.

At present, with global warming and frequent disasters caused by extreme climate, it has become a global proposition to jointly explore a feasible path to reduce carbon emissions and seek carbon neutralization in the industrial chain. As a firm supporter of the open ecosystem of the data center, lr-link Lianrui has been committed to the research and development of the supporting hardware equipment of the whole cabinet - OCP network card since a few years ago. After five years of development, our company has launched gigabit optical fiber OCP network card, 10G Optical Fiber OCP network card, 25g optical fiber OCP network card and domestic 10G Optical fiber network card, and has launched more than 13 products in total. At present, it has been in the tide Zhongke Shuguang, Huawei, Dell, Intel and other brands are widely used in server equipment.


The global open computing development report points out that with the development of open ecology, 40% of the world's servers will be based on open standards in 2025. At the same time, as the core project of open computing, the complete cabinet is also expected to become the mainstream form of computing infrastructure in the data center in the future.


In the future, lr-link Lianrui will continue to support the development of the open ecosystem of the global data center, continuously provide OCP network cards with higher performance and complete specifications for the global delivery of the whole cabinet, improve OCP series products ranging from optical fiber to copper cable and 1g to 100g speed, and work together with global partners to pursue the path of human sustainable development.

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