PCIe x4 Quad-port PoE+ 5G Vision Frame Grabber Card
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PCIe x4 Quad-port PoE+ 5G Vision Frame Grabber Card
Key Features
-Wider RJ45 spacing design;
- Stable network speed and strong signal quality;
- Larger heat sink;
- Thickened gold-plated RJ45 connector;
- 16kb jumbo frame support.


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LRES2055PT-POE is a four-port PCIe v3.0 x4 5G PoE+ Ethernet image capture card independently developed by Linkreal Co., Ltd. based on the Marvell AQC111C main controller solution. It is also compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 channels. It is A high-performance 4-port electrical adapter. Mainly used in industrial field visual inspection equipment, visual field clients, fast mobile Ethernet data transmission equipment, etc. This image capture card performs outstandingly in data transmission, network bandwidth, average transmission delay, actual small packet transmission rate and other indicators. It can be connected to four 5GigE industrial cameras at the same time to work stably and meet the installation and use of conventional industrial computers.

Rock Series: PCIe2.0 x4 4P Type A 5Gb USB 3.0 Adapter LRSU9A72-4A(3U)

LR-LINK's image acquisition card has the following unique designs:

1. The adapter card adopts a wider RJ45 spacing design;

2. The interface is designed specifically for industrial-grade cable access, ensuring stable network speed and strong signal quality.

3. The larger heat sink can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the adapter in an environment with poor heat dissipation, effectively ensuring the long-term stable operation of the adapter.

4. The RJ45 connector with thicker plating and gold is carefully selected to ensure more secure and reliable connection;

5. The design of four RJ45 connectors can better save the valuable PCIe slot resources of the motherboard.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase + high precision, 5/10G industrial camera vision inspection comes new demands

LR-LINK 5/10G machine vision inspection solution--recommended configuration

5G Frame Grabber Customer Application Case