PCIe 3.0 to NVMe 2P M.2 Adapter for M.2 SSD
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PCIe3.0 to 2P M.2 NVMe Adapter
Key Features
-Compliant with PCIe basic specification, v3.0 (compatible with PCIe v1.0 /1.1 & 2.0)
-Support PCle NVMe protocol
-Support RAID 0 ,RAID 1, JBOD
-Support 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280mm extended version SSD
-Supports high-resolution graphics, while supporting point-to-point transmission and multicast for maximum performance


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LRNV9541-2IR is a PCle x8 to 2P M.2 NVMe Adapter developed based on Marvell 88NR2241B0 main control solution. It expands the maximum storage space of  2 M.2 SSDs through a scalable, high-bandwidth, non-blocking interconnect, connected to various graphics applications, including servers, storage, communication and graphics platforms. It is optimized to support high-resolution graphics, while supporting peer-to-peer traffic and multicast for optimal performance; suitable for M.2 SSD, high bandwidth, and can achieve the highest transmission speed when 2 SSDs are satisfied at the same time. Suitable for host-centric point-to-point communication mode, can be configured for various graphics applications.

Expansion Solution: LR-LINK PCIe x16 4-port NVMe Switch Adapter: LRNV9F48

Servers and workstations continue to expand into application fields such as film and television post-production, big data and AI. These fields face problems as high security risks, slow data transmission, and limited storage space. 

How to solve them?

LR-LINK M.2 NVMe Raid adapter provides the ideal solution:

Focus on M.2 NVMe Applications

Supports Multiple Raid Modes

The LR-LINK solution provides users with diverse storage management methods by establishing Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 10, JBOD modes.

Server System Disk Security Solutions