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HFC5-1L Cable-3M/5M

Highly Flexible Cat.5e LAN Cable, Single screw Lock-Type, 3M, 5M available
Key Features
Compliance with UL Style No.20276 Standard
The special braided shield increases noise immunity.
Supports industrial high-speed camera image transmission formats.
It has an oil resistant sheath, making it suitable for use in factory environments, for example.
Can be used with general shielded modular plugs.
Use HIROSE (HRS) Category 5 Shielded Connectors
Use CommScope Screw lock-type Connectors


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This cable is intended for movable applications. It uses high flexibility special polymer insulation and a special braided shield, resulting in high bending resistance and high sliding resistance, and can also withstand twisting motion.


This cable is particularly suitable for applications between Main station and Slave unit, like automatically operated, transported, or warehoused and others, which is need long-term reciprocating bending and other movements.

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HFC5-1L Cable-3M/5M 

Highly Flexible Cat.5e LAN cable, Single screw lock-type, 3M, 5M