One slot connects eight SSDs to improve testing efficiency
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What does it mean to expand eight SSDs in one slot?

Date:2023-12-28View:905Tags:SSD tests,SSD expansion,expand eight SSDs in one slot

Solid state drive

Solid state drive (SSD for short) is a hard drive composed of an array of solid-state electronic storage chips. Compared with traditional mechanical hard drives, SSDs have the advantages of faster reading and writing speeds, lower energy consumption, and higher stability. It has gradually become one of the important storage media in computers, servers, game consoles and other equipment.

SSD testing puts forward higher requirements for testing efficiency

With the popularization and development of technologies, such as mobile Internet, IoT, big data, and cloud computing, people's demand for data storage and processing has skyrocketed. SSD is a high-performance storage device and has experienced explosive growth with an average annual growth rate of 16.9%. To ensure the performance and reliability of SSDs, a series of tests need to be performed on it. The surge in market demand has significantly stimulated the growth of SSD testing needs and put forward higher requirements for testing efficiency.

Efficient and reliable SSD expansion test solution

However, in the same test platform environment, the traditional SSD test solution has a small number of scalable SSDs, low efficiency, and high operating costs and can no longer meet the surge in market demand. High expansion, high efficiency, and high cost performance have become the development trend of the SSD testing industry. On this basis, LR-LINK launched the PCIe4.0 x16 to 4-port built-in SFF-8654 8i NVMe expansion card (Model: LRNV9F48). Provide users with efficient and reliable SSD expansion testing solutions.

LR-LINK high-speed SSD expansion test solution

 Customer Application Case 

A company needs to conduct large-scale SSD tests and adopts LR-LINK's high-speed SSD direct connection test solution. The main configuration is as follows:

Test platform: TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI+i7-13700K
System: Windows10
Expansion card: LR-LINK LRNV9F48
High-speed data cable: LR-LINK SFF-8654 8i to 2xSFF-8639
Hard drive model: Maxio 1602 long-term storage WDS2TB PCIe4.0 x4

This test program uses the CrystalDiskMark (CDM) tool in the performance read and write test. The test results show that after running five times and testing 1GB of data each time, the maximum read and write speed of the SSD reached 7101.19MB/s and 6233.56MB/s, reflecting the actual continuous read and write speed of SSD.

Looking forward to the next five years, driven by the surge in enterprise data and user storage needs, the SSD market demand will usher in further growth, and the requirements for SSD quality and performance will also become higher. At the same time, the application of PCIe to NVMe expansion cards will be further promoted and improved. LR-LINK will also continue to develop more stable and highly scalable PCIe to NVMe expansion cards to provide better solutions for SSD expansion, helping users achieve more efficient and faster detection and reliable delivery.