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New Product! LR-LINK quad-port 5G PoE+ frame grabber, designed for 5G cameras

Date:2023-11-24View:191Tags:5G PoE+ Frame Grabber
In recent years, the rapid development of lithium photovoltaic, unmanned, semiconductor, medical and other industries has prompted industrial cameras to develop in the direction of high-resolution, high-precision and high-speed. And accelerated growth in the demand for 5G high-speed image acquisition and transmission. As a professional NIC solution supplier, LR-LINK has been deeply engaged in the field of machine vision for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in data transmission.

specially developed for 5G industrial cameras, supporting 16348-byte frame transmission

In order to meet users' demand for 5G image capture and data transmission rate, LR-LINK released a new product - Quad Port 5G PoE+ Frame Grabber (Model: LRES2055PT-POE). This product is a high-performance frame grabber specially developed for 5G industrial cameras, supporting 16348-byte frame transmission, and featuring reliable performance, high-speed transmission, and long-term stable operation for industrial automation inspection, semiconductor manufacturing, intelligent transportation, medical imaging and other application fields.

Key Features

* Conforms to the 5G BASE-T standard, providing dedicated 5Gb/s Ethernet bandwidth for each port to connect industrial cameras equipped with 5G BASE-T Ethernet ports.
* Supports huge frame transmission of 16348-byte to meet high-capacity image data acquisition and transmission, and solve the problem of frame loss.
* With standard industrial camera cables such as Cat6e, Cat6, Cat5e, etc., the data transmission distance can reach up to 100 meters and supports full bandwidth transmission to meet the needs of vision applications with longer cables.
* High-density port design, can connect multiple 5GigE industrial cameras to run stably, to meet the needs of diverse application scenarios.
* Downward compatible with 2.5G, 1G, 100M link rate, supporting traditional Ethernet devices.

Application Cases

The hidden crack detection of PV panels

Hidden cracks are tiny cracks that appear in PV panels after encapsulation, which cannot be perceived or detected by the naked eye. Moreover, such cracks will expand under mechanical vibration, causing open-circuit breakage of PV panels and reducing power generation efficiency and lifetime. Therefore, detection and troubleshooting are needed.

The hidden crack detection of PV panels requires extremely high resolution, precision and speed of industrial cameras. The transmission rate and resolution of ordinary gigabit industrial cameras cannot meet the real-time detection demand, and 5G industrial cameras with high-resolution, high-precision and high-speed are required.

When the customer upgraded the production line, it used 5G high-speed industrial cameras with LRES2055PT-POE for inspection. During the inspection, multiple 5G high-speed industrial cameras capture multi-angle images of the PV panels passing on the conveyor belt, record the presence of linear hidden cracks, tree-like hidden cracks and fragments on the panels, and transmit them to the industrial control computer for image data processing.

avoiding lost frames and packets

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the LRES2055PT-POE's 5Gb/s bandwidth and 16348-byte frame transmission, the high-capacity image data with high precision can be transmitted stably, avoiding undesirable situations such as lost frames and packets, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency and quality and realizes the upgrading of production lines.

Tips: The product has been listed in batch, welcome to borrow and test!