LR-LINK Intelligent transport solution for a city
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Intelligent transportation based on big data

Date:2023-10-23View:722Tags:intelligent transportation,Big data,the construction of the intelligent city

Through this Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS) diagram, we can see the city's traffic situation from another angle. Then, do you know what convenience intelligent transportation can bring? What is the support behind it? Let's explore the intelligent transportation based on big data.

The intelligent transportation is an important part of modern transportation. It has become an important way for people to travel by providing intelligent, information-based and interconnected service modes.

The intelligent transportation has brought great convenience to urban development. For example,
- Traffic managers analyse the data transmitted by traffic sensors, cameras and GPS devices to understand the traffic flow, vehicle speed, congestion and other traffic conditions in real time. They take optimisation measures, such as opening temporary lanes and adjusting the timing of traffic signals to ease traffic congestion.
- Travellers obtain traffic conditions, best travel routes and travel methods through mobile phone apps and other navigation software, and experience efficient and personalised travel services.

- Through intelligent monitoring, accident warning and other functions to timely detect the risk of traffic accidents, provide early warning information to drivers and relevant departments to reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

ITS is the core component of the intelligent transportation, which makes comprehensive use of cloud computing, Internet of Things, image recognition, digital twin, geographic information systems, and massive data storage to collect, process, publish, exchange information, analysis and utilization to achieve all-round control and support for traffic management, transportation and travel.

Big data is the foundation and lifeblood of intelligent transportation. The application of ITS is based on the real-time acquisition and analysis of massive data. Therefore, it is essential to build a stable and reliable data and network communication base.

The server room as the infrastructure of the data and network communication base consists of servers, switches, firewalls, transmission cables and other equipment. Among them, the server is the "brain" that calculates and processes data, and its components include CPU, memory, storage devices, network interface cards, etc. Traffic data is transmitted to the corresponding parts of the server for further processing through the network card. In this process, it is crucial to achieve stable and fast transmission of data.

(Intelligent transport solution for a city)

A city's intelligent trasportation management center uses the PCIe x16 quad-port 25G server NIC (model: LRES1023PF-4SFP28) that independently developed by LR-LINK to integrate Internet data, user data and government data through the 25G high-speed network connections and high bandwidth. Traffic data from multiple departments are transmitted to the server in real time for analysis and processing that meets the real-time information processing and decision-making needs of the intelligent transportation system. it easily breaks through the data transmission and sharing barriers making the city traffic "pulse" stronger and accelerating the construction of the intelligent city.

In the future, the transportation will develop in the direction of digitalization, intelligence, automation and speed. LR-LINK will adhere to the business philosophy of "professionalism achieves excellence and quality achieves the future" and will continue to develop stable, reliable and high-speed server network cards to asist flexible transportation facilities, ensure the stable and orderly operation of intelligent transportation and help build a new intelligent city.