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What is USB Frame Grabber? (A surprise awaits you)

Date:2023-08-28View:75Tags:USB frame grabber

USB frame grabber is an interface card used to connect industrial cameras and industrial control computers. It provides data transmission and processing functions for the machine vision system, enabling the computer to read image data from the camera through the frame grabber's bus and carry out the next step in processing and application.

Compared with mainstream frame grabber in the market such as Cameralink, CXP, and GigE interfaces, USB frame grabber is more mature in technology and more widely used, and have obvious advantages in flexibility, and application fields. After years of development, the USB interface technology has been widely used and verified. The USB frame grabber can be adapted to most brands of industrial cameras, and supports industrial cameras hot-swap, making installation more convenient. Convenient and efficient installation methods and stable and reliable performance make it widely used in machine vision, industrial automation, medical imaging, security monitoring, education and training.

With the continuous development of applications such as machine vision, wafer inspection, solar panel inspection, logistics sorting and packaging, higher requirements are placed on the stability, reliability and data transmission rate of machine vision image acquisition. For this reason, LR-LINK independently developed a USB frame grabber dedicated to machine vision based on Renesas, ASM and other master control solutions. After strictly performance and compatibility tests, LR-LINK USB frame grabber can be adapted to Basler, Baumer, Hikvision, Daheng and other brands of industrial cameras. In addition, vertical and horizontal port settings to meet the needs of diverse chassis installations.

It is worth mentioning that LR-LINK's self-developed four-port USB image capture card LRSU9A72-4A. It is based on the Renesas master control programme which has four independent channels, providing up to 5Gbps bandwidth of each port. The product can also process multiple tasks at the same time, improve CPU efficiency and performance, provide stability, reliability and flexibility for machine vision applications. Since the product was launched, the sales volume has exceeded 10,000 pieces.

In order to return the trust and support of new and old customers, LR-LINK has launched a campaign for customers who needs to purchase LRSU9A72-4A.

 A new arrival product, welcome customers to consult. ↓↓↓

New Arrival

"Avoid Frame Loss, Choose LR-LINK". In order to adapt to the higher speed 10G industrial cameras, LR-LINK developed and launched a new product in the industry - Jumbo Frame Grabber, and launched a new arrival. For more details, please feel free to contact us~