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LR-LINK has joined the OCP community to accelerate the development of data centers

Date:2023-08-19View:389Tags:OCP community,OCP Mezz (NIC) specification,DC-SCM standard,OCP3.0 server network card

Recently, LR-LINK joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) and became a community member. This is an important milestone for LR-LINK in building global data center infrastructure and promoting the vigorous development of the digital economy.

 LR-LINK joined the Open Compute Project

OCP is an open source hardware organization initiated by Facebook. It has been focusing on the design of shared data centers and network solutions for many years. It is the most extensive and influential open source organization in the field of cloud computing basic hardware technology in the world.

Open Compute Project

OCP has been innovating around the open source contributions of networks, servers, storage, and OpenRack, bringing together 250+ well-known companies and organizations in the fields of global data centers, servers, Internet, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence, including Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Marvell, and ARM, H3C, Huawei, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Inspur, Tencent, Baidu, HP, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Seagate, etc.

OCP's innovation has extended to all aspects of the data center. In the field of high-speed network communication, the OCP Mezz (NIC) specification has become the standard for IO options in the industry. The latest NIC3.0 technical specification specifies the size specifications of SFF and LFF network cards. The signal rate can support up to PCIe Gen5, meeting the space requirements of high-density computing for high-density deployment. In terms of liquid cooling technology, OCP provides a first-class sustainable immersion liquid cooling solution, and provides innovative liquid cooling technology that can be deployed on a large scale to reduce energy consumption in cloud and edge data centers. The DC-SCM standard (Data Center Security Control Management Module) defines a security control management module that is decoupled from the mainboard, decoupling the computing unit from the security management unit, and simplifying the design of the mainboard.

As a professional NIC solution supplier, LR-LINK provides 10G to 100G high-speed network cards to meet the rapidly increasing data transmission and interaction neeNIC with high stability, high reliability, high performance and high speed for the development of global data centers. The physical board size of this series of products conforms to the OCP 3.0 design specification, small form factor (SFF) panel, and supports NCSI at the same time, promoting innovation in the server and data center industries, and injecting more confidence into data center infrastructure innovation.

ocp 3.0 adapter

 LR-LINK highly agrees with the open concept of OCP, and takes this opportunity to join the OCP community to follow the development trend of open infrastructure, embrace the global open source ecosystem, continuously strengthen the collaboration with members of the community, brainstorm and accelerate the application innovation of open source computing, builds future network infrastructure, and create an open, efficient and sustainable data center.

Tips: Based on the NIC3.0 project, LR-LINK has independently developed more than twenty OCP3.0 server network cards with 1/10/25/100G transmission rates, which are widely used in servers and data centers. Please contact LR-LINK salesmen for further details.