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Dreams come into reality, unmanned driving does not only exist in science fiction films

Date:2022-12-19View:569Tags:POE network card, rail transit network card, M12 network card, railway network card
      Unmanned driving technology is the head of the automobile industry and artificial intelligence, and it is also one of the important symbols to measure the level of technological innovation.
      In recent years, the development of unmanned driving technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. In 2020, Momenta will release the L4 MSD unmanned driving solution and the Mpilot automatic driving solution. In 2021, Didi Autopilot released the world’s first self-driving road test video for 5 consecutive hours without taking over. Baidu Apollo and ARCFOX Jihu jointly released a new generation of mass-produced shared unmanned vehicle Apollo Moon. People drive online car-hailing vehicles. It is not difficult to see from this information that the unmanned driving industry has gradually entered the stage of productization and commercialization. Unmanned driving no longer only exists in science fiction films, and its future is very worth looking forward to.

      The core of driverless cars is the perception ability. The "eyes" with different fields of view such as radar and camera can identify and judge the road conditions.

      The main working principle of unmanned driving (taking Baidu Auto as an example): the ranging scanner emits laser rays, and the laser hits objects around the vehicle, reflects back, and calculates the distance of the objects. The vehicle underbody system measures the acceleration, angular velocity and other data of the vehicle in the front, left and right directions, and calculates the vehicle position by combining the GPS data. All data is fed into a computer for extremely fast processing along with the images captured by the on-board cameras. Finally, the on-board system quickly makes an analysis and judgment based on all data and image data, and issues instructions to allow the vehicle to drive safely.

      The M12 network card solution produced by LR-LINK is an indispensable link in the construction of rail transit. Taking LRES4011MT-PoE as an example, this network card is an M12 Gigabit PoE+ track independently developed and produced based on Intel I350 master control In addition to excellent data transmission performance and strong system compatibility, the traffic-specific network card also has an IP67 protection function on its unique M12 interface. With a camera, it can be the sharp "eye" of an unmanned vehicle, capturing images of objects, and helping The car provides an accurate view to achieve precise identification, intelligent avoidance, and intelligent speed regulation.

      In recent years, unmanned driving technology has been tested all over the world. The country and the government have issued a series of industrial policies to encourage the development of the unmanned driving industry. The "14th Five-Year Plan" Modern Circulation System Construction Plan clearly increases the promotion of the Beidou satellite navigation system, improves the vehicle-road collaborative information service capabilities, and explores the development of autonomous driving. Freight service. With innovation as the engine and scientific research as the drive, LR-LINK joins hands with more partners to jointly promote the development of the unmanned driving industry, and realize unmanned vehicles entering thousands of households as soon as possible.
      To choose a stable and reliable network card solution, please look for the LR-LINK brand.