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Vision China (Shenzhen), LR-LINK invites you to share the wonderful moments

Date:2022-11-21View:264Tags:Network card, POE network card, Ethernet card, server network card, image acquisition card
      On November 17, the three-day 2022 China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition and Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application came to an end in Hall 8 of Shenzhen Baoan International Convention and Exhibition Center.
      This grand event brought together more than 300 outstanding companies and brands in the industry, focusing on new technologies and new products in the industry. The exhibition covers the integration of machine vision and 5G, embedded vision, artificial intelligence, edge computing, deep learning and other technologies, and jointly explores the machine vision industry. Develop new directions and trends.
      During the exhibition, LR-LINK's complete series of network cards and new products in the industry attracted inquiries from many exhibitors and professional visitors. Our staff gave detailed explanations to each customer with professional technical knowledge and enthusiastic service. Next, let us enjoy the wonderful moments of LR-LINK booth.

      Gigabit M12 PoE+ Network Card - Empowering Rail Transit

(Application demonstration of the new M12 rail transit network card)

      The M12 X-Code interface effectively solves the problems of loose connection and poor contact of conventional RJ45 ports. The unique board structure and 4xM12 port design not only solve the problems of chassis installation interference, but also meet the requirements of connecting 4 industrial cameras at the same time. An ideal network card solution for traffic.

      10G series network card-provide more possibilities for high-speed industrial cameras

      The LR-LINK 10G quad-port network card based on the Intel 700 series main control has the characteristics of high bandwidth, high throughput, and low latency, and can meet the 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10GbE adaptive rate link. It supports Basler's new 5GigE industrial cameras, and has been successfully selected into the adaptation system of several 10GigE industrial camera manufacturers.
      Technological innovation is endless, and LR-LINK's research does not stop. In the future, LR-LINK will continue to adhere to the concept of making network cards more refined, professional and stronger, give full play to its technological advantages, devote itself to the development of more specifications and configurations of network cards, and join hands with colleagues in the industry to jointly provide solutions for promoting the development of machine vision. Chinese program.
      To choose a stable and reliable network card solution, please look for the LR-LINK brand.
      Wonderful preview of the exhibition: From December 24th to 26th, 2022, LR-LINK will appear at the 12th China International Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Industry Expo. Please lock the information on the official website, a wonderful feast, dedicated to you!