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The data center in the first-tier cities is "crowded", what can the OCP 3.0 network card do?

Date:2022-11-16View:248Tags:Server network card, OCP network card, 100G network card, domestic network card
      In the era of information explosion, the demand for data processing in the core first-tier cities has increased sharply, and a large number of data centers in the first-tier cities have been "crowded", and the demand for warm and cold data processing has overflowed. So, how to add more devices in a limited area to expand bandwidth, speed up data flow, and reduce pressure when the data center is overcrowded?
      The amount of data is increasing day by day, and the conventional servers on the market can no longer meet the rapidly increasing data transmission demand, and high-density servers have emerged as the times require. At the same time, the OCP 3.0 network card has become the first choice for high-density servers to expand transmission channels and accelerate data transmission due to its high-quality features such as direct plug-in, maintenance without opening the chassis, and delivery of the entire cabinet.
      Taking Inspur as an example, high-density servers such as NF5180M6 and NF5266M6 developed by Inspur not only support PCIe slots, but are also equipped with an OCP 3.0 network card expansion slot to increase data transmission channels. The OCP 3.0 network card sends and receives the passed data, encodes the received data and transmits it to the CPU for processing, which greatly improves the efficiency of server data transmission.
      Aiming at the support of high-density servers and complete cabinet servers for the construction of big data centers, LR-LINK, as a professional network card solution provider, has independently developed a series of OCP 3.0 network cards with excellent performance together with Net-Swift and MUCSE. In addition, Also developed a variety of OCP 3.0 network cards based on Intel master control. The optical fiber and RJ45 ports provide a variety of network interfaces for the server. The ports can also be bundled and aggregated into groups to expand bandwidth and distribute network traffic to the CPU to improve network throughput.

      This series of NICs are used in high-density servers and full-rack servers, which can meet the needs of the server market for network traffic and data distribution, processing, virtualization, big data computing, and cloud computing in the current and long-term future. The preferred NIC solution for server vendors and big data centers.
      At present, data, as a new type of production factor, has been rapidly integrated into all aspects of production, distribution, circulation, consumption, and social service management, bringing about great changes in people's production and lifestyle. LR-LINK adheres to the development concept of quality first, and continues to launch high-quality network cards that can meet the development needs of data centers. With high-performance servers, it relieves the pressure on data centers, promotes the optimized layout and high-quality development of data center industries in various regions, and contributes to social production and development. Create greater value.
      To choose a stable and reliable network card solution, please look for the LR-LINK brand.