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100G OCP network card, giving you high-speed experience

Date:2022-08-25View:730Tags:100g network card, ocp network card, high-speed network card, RDMA network card, 25g nic
    With the acceleration of digitalization, the number of computer rooms and data centers has also increased. Convenience and efficiency are the high-quality experiences that digitalization brings to people. Then green, integration, and empowerment are the concepts that the OCP open source project has always implemented.
    Sustainable development.
    OCP open source projects pay more attention to green, low-carbon and sustainable development while pursuing performance and quality.
    Since the 1970s, the United States has issued several bills related to energy and emission reduction, gradually forming a complete carbon emission reduction policy system. The "Clean Power Plan" was launched in 2014 and established a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by at least 30% from 2005 levels by 2030.
    "Double carbon concept" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is urgent.

    Under the same choice, the OCP network card solution is undoubtedly a high-quality choice that saves the cost of materials and installation labor and time.

    The LRES3026PF-OCP launched by LR-LINK is the recommended product for everyone this time. This network card is based on the Intel E810 master controller and is a 100G high-speed OCP network card. This product is designed for optical fiber dual interface, has excellent compatibility, supports PXE, DPDK, iSCSI, Jumbo frame and other functions.
    The RDMA function supported by this network card is also an effective solution for data centers to reduce latency and CPU load.
    Compared with the traditional 100G dual optical port PCIE network card, the OCP network card can be installed without opening the server chassis, which is more convenient and efficient. And its high-speed feature can meet the application requirements of large data centers. Favored by customers.
    The OCP open source project has been actively exploring a low-carbon green development model and taking the road of sustainable development. LR-LINK also takes sustainable development as one of its own development concepts, and actively develops and produces network card solutions that meet future development trends.
    In addition, LR-LINK Lianrui also has OCP network cards with different rates such as 1G-25G for customers to choose freely.
    LR-LINK Lianrui, only you can't think of it, there is no stable and reliable network card solution provider that we can't consider.