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Lianrui 25G dual optical port OCP3.0 hard-core server network card hit the market!

Date:2022-01-22View:267Tags:25G network card, optical fiber network card, dual optical port network card, network adapter
New year and new atmosphere, LR-LINK brings you new server network cards again! As the world's most trusted professional network card solution provider, Lianrui continuously innovates products and technologies to meet the diverse needs of users. The 25G dual-optical port OCP3.0 (product model: LRES3029PF-OCP) and 100G dual-optical port OCP3.0 server network card (product model: LRES3026PF-OCP) launched this time have been comprehensively upgraded in terms of product functions, performance and compatibility. , What are the specific highlights? Let's have a sneak peek!

First: LRES3029PF-OCP and LRES3026PF-OCP are the first OCP3.0 server series network cards launched by Lianrui based on the Intel E810 main control solution, with unparalleled high-speed transmission performance.
Second: Both OCP3.0 network cards support RDMA (RocE v2 and iWARP) functions, which can optimize server performance to the greatest extent, reduce CPU usage, and have performance comparable to Mellanox network cards.
Third: Support the unique ADQ application queue function of Intel800 series, which can improve the predictability of application response time and reduce the delay of data road to the greatest extent.
Fourth: Support PCIe v4.0 x8 and backward compatible with PCIe v3.0. The doubled bandwidth and throughput of PCIe 4.0 brings huge performance advantages to data transmission and storage in data centers.
Fifth: The standard SFF board size is adopted, which is compatible with all standard OCP3.0 interface chassis equipment on the market. At present, several Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 25G OCP network cards listed by LR-LINK have been widely used in major world-renowned server manufacturers.
Sixth: Support Windows server 2016/R2, Windows server2019/R2, Linux SLES 12.x, CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and other operating systems.

Of course, the strength of the two OCP3.0 hard-core server network cards is far more than that. In addition, it also inherits all the excellent performance of the Intel E810 chip, including the Ethernet port configuration tool (EPCT), dynamic device personalization ( DDP), IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), network virtualization and other features. Powerful product functions, strong product performance, and stable system compatibility bring infinite possibilities to the application of high-performance servers such as next-generation data centers, cloud computing, and big data.