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LR-LINK's R&D center moved to a new location, the company began a new journey!

Date:2021-08-11View:693Tags:Lr-link lianrui, Lianrui, domestic network card, PoE network card, IO card

Gilt August, cinnamon fragrance, spring and autumn, happy. On August 1, 2021, on this exciting and special day, Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. held the housewarming ceremony of its R&D center. This is of epoch-making significance for Shenzhen Lianrui, and is also the witness of enterprise development milestone. It represents shenzhen Lianrui Electronics from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, after 15 years of wind and rain, finally ushered in today's brilliant achievements.

In the past 15 years, under the leadership of the company's helmmen, the people of Lianrui have been united, working together and working together to write the story of each spring in the growth process of the company. Countless days and nights, r&d personnel continue to overcome technical difficulties; Countless drops of sweat, condensation of our proud market performance, but also shaped a global customers trusted professional network card solution brand.

Nine, eight, three, two, one, with the sound of the countdown of lianrui, the hour hand points to 11:18 on August 1, 2021, the company's helmsman and the guests present jointly sounded the celebration gun salute, marking the r&d center of Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD officially settled in Longgang. At this moment, the gun salute dance, applause, the scene a jubilation. Many lianrui partner tears overflow eyes, it is happy tears, is touched by the interpretation, but also to witness the lianrui all the way the most true love......

Adhering to our original aspiration and unswervingly, we are determined to establish our own high-end brand of information technology products and provide world-class professional network card solutions. To promote scientific and technological innovation, to revitalize the national brand as the mission, this is the company was founded at the beginning of the belief, but also our more than ten years of enterprise development guide. We will pursue diligently, move forward pragmatically, and persevere.

In recent years, the company has stepped into a period of rapid development. On average, it can launch more than 30 new products every year. The application scenarios cover machine vision inspection, industrial automation, data center, network security, fiber to desktop, Internet of things, smart medical treatment, smart city construction, etc. Products from 1G to 100G, copper cable to optical fiber, single-port to multi-port, PoE/IO, OCP and other series of full specifications of network adapters, and provide customized network adapter solutions, at present, Shenzhen Lianui has more than 1 million network adapters stable operation in the global customer equipment.

The relocation of the company not only provides a better working environment for employees, but also witness the rapid development of the company in recent years and gratifying achievements. It also shows that Shenzhen Lianrui has the confidence and strength to continue to charge towards a higher peak.

Looking back, we have made outstanding achievements. No sweet without sweat. Looking to the future, we are full of ambition and high spirits. The company moved longgang, will be a new starting point for Shenzhen Lianrui. We believe that: the new starting point will bring us a different new world, shenzhen lianrui and customers breathe together, destiny, heart to heart, joy, honor.

In the future, although the future is difficult and the road is long, we shenzhen Lianrui will carry on the past and forge ahead, and create a brilliant future