LR-Link PoE+ Family Card Collective Appearance
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Product Information,LR-Link PoE+ Family Card Collective Appearance

Date:2021-05-04View:1173Tags:Poe cards,poe card trade,poe card price,PoE Goods,PoE Cameras

In the Internet world, POE power is the ability to transmit power and power receiving devices (PD) (including wireless access points, VoIP phones, even LED bulbs, network cameras, etc.) over the RJ-45 cable without any changes to the existing Ethernet CAT.5 wiring infrastructure. POE is also referred to as LAN based power supply system or active Ethernet, sometimes simply referred to as Ethernet power supply. Minimize cost while meeting data transmission and power supply requirements.

In recent years, the rapid development of POE power supply technology, from 100 megabytes to gigabytes, and then to 10 megabytes, POE power supply by simplifying the installation and deployment of electrical equipment, energy saving, security and a series of advantages, POE power supply has become the new favorite of image acquisition, production monitoring, security monitoring, and smart grid scenes. The image acquisition card (POE network card) as industrial automation machine vision supporting products, with the rapid development of machine vision at the same time, its development momentum is also unstoppable.

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Shenzhen Liangrui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on customer precise positioning and market demand, using Intel I210, I350, X550 and other chip solutions on the basis of independent research and development of the production of Gigabit single port, Gigabit double port, Gigabit four ports, Gigabit eight ports, Gigabit single optical single electric, Gigabit double port more than ten RJ45 Ethernet image acquisition card (POE card). The Ethernet network adapter is mainly designed and applied to industrial field visual inspection equipment, visual field client, fast mobile Ethernet data transmission equipment, etc., as well as to ordinary servers. With integrated hardware acceleration, it can perform TCP/UDP/IP checksum load sharing and TCP segmentation tasks. Host processing technology can split the load of the accelerator, freeing up CPU resources to process other applications.


LRES2001PT-POE adopts Intel I210 master control scheme, supports PCIE 2.1X1 slot, and is compatible with PCIE X4, X8 and X16 channels. This network card gigabit controller adopts miniaturization design, has the extremely high network performance and the reliability. Interrupt tuning improves performance while significantly reducing CPU usage. The PCI-Express slot compatible design enables high performance network transport on the new PCI-Express desktop bus architecture with both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet compatibility, thus significantly reducing customer deployment and training costs.


The LRes2008PT-PoE uses Intel I350 master control solution to provide eight-port Ethernet MAC+PHY (Media Access Controller and Physical Interface Transceiver) developed on the controller, allowing eight ports to operate in full duplex mode at the highest point in gigabit Ethernet connections to accommodate high-performance network communications. Integrated RJ45 Ethernet port lightning protection design, all eight ports can pass the differential mode 1kV/common mode 6kV, 10/700μs lightning surge test, power supply range +48~+57V, the network card can expand the bandwidth through link aggregation can save PCI Express channel resources, while not taking up the bus bandwidth. 


LREG1004PT-POE network card is an intelligent network card that perfectly combines POE network card and I/O card. It is independently developed with Intel I350 master control scheme and FPGA scheme. Each board card of the acquisition card is integrated with four gigabit Ethernet interfaces and four in and four out I/O interfaces. It can support the installation of multiple acquisition cards in one system, and carry out unified management control and trigger. In terms of triggering function, Toe Ethernet is used to trigger the camera by sending Ethernet command packets, so that the synchronous triggering function can be achieved on industrial cameras. It is widely used in defect detection of electronic raw materials, semiconductor processing, PCB SMT detection, etc.

POE image acquisition card product features:

1. Single port POE output power consumption up to 30W, provides an external large 4PIN power supply interface.

2. Adapted to the power output required by external equipment;

3. The adapter card adopts wider RJ45 spacing design;

4. The interface designed for industrial cable access, combined with LR-Link customized industrial network cable, can lock the cable and network port more firmly, effectively solve the problem of unstable connection between network port and cable in industrial places, and compatible with common cable access;

In the future, Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to deepen the field of network card, focusing on providing network card solutions, providing high-end network card products with strong competitive space for every customer and friends around the world, and establishing the brand of LR-LINK Lianrui around the world. To add a force to the transformation path from Made in China to Intelligent Made in China.