The Practical Application of Smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O Frame Grabber
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The Practical Application of Smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O Frame Grabber

Date:2021-03-25View:1209Tags:Frame Grabber,Smart Gigabit PoE+,Practical Application

In 2021, LR-LINK grandly launched a PCIe x4 quad-port Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet image capture card with hardware TOE function (The model: LREG1004PT-POE), which is independently developed based on the Intel chip solution Intelligent Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture card, It will used in industrial machine vision work connected to industrial cameras, and allowing users to use standard cables for fast image capture and transmission.

Everyone may be confused by such professional terms. It doesn't matter. The following editor will take you step-by-step in-depth analysis of the detailed performance and practical application of this card.

Smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O Frame Grabber Network Card Performance


1. Combine two into one, save cost, and have powerful functions

As we know that in industrial machine vision, an industrial camera needs a PoE network card and an I/O card to assist in a series of actions in order to complete the trigger function and achieve a series of actions such as shooting, collecting, and data transmission of the target image. The PoE network card is responsible for image acquisition and data transmission, and the I/O card is responsible for completing the trigger function, which means that the wiring of the two cards must be connected to the industrial camera, which is troublesome and increases the purchase cost.


The intelligent Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture card launched by LR-LINK combines PoE network card and I/O card perfectly, combining two functions into one, saving tedious wiring, reducing purchase cost, and greatly improving performance

2. Based on FPGA solution, multi-camera synchronization trigger with TOE

Intelligent Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture card (The model: LREG1004PT-POE) adopts TOE Ethernet trigger mode, and completes the camera trigger function by sending Ethernet command packets. This function is based on the FPGA solution. All data packets are sent directly by the FPGA without going through the CPU, so that the industrial camera can truly achieve the function of synchronous triggering.


Combined with the first performance, that is to say, this smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture card launched by LR-LINK can realize data transmission, power supply (PoE), and synchronous triggering (TOE) with only one network cable. ) Three functions.

3. Support simultaneous use of multiple cards, synchronous management and unified trigger

Each board of the acquisition card integrates four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, which can support multiple acquisition cards to be installed on a system. Three intelligent Gigabit PoE+ I/O frame grabbers are directly connected to twelve industrial cameras, and perform unified management control and unified triggering.


Compared with the application management of mainstream capture card trigger solutions on the market where the network card passes through the switch and then connects to the industrial camera, the smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture card solution launched by LR-LINK will undoubtedly enable the camera trigger to be truly synchronized. The application prospects of industrial machine vision are very broad.

Smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O frame grabber target market

The target market for intelligent Gigabit PoE+ I/O image capture cards is mainly positioned in industrial machine vision work, and has a wide range of applications such as defect detection of electronic raw materials, semiconductor processing, and PCB patch (SMT) detection.



Smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O frame grabber purchase standard

Customers purchasing this network card first need to confirm whether their industrial cameras have TOE function, which can be checked in the product parameters. If this function is available, customers can use the TOE trigger solution of the network card to achieve a true synchronous trigger function. For example, the Basler industrial camera (acA2500-20gm) has TOE function, which is perfectly matched with the smart Gigabit PoE+ I/O frame grabber. Then the user who uses the Basler industrial camera (acA2500-20gm) can set the group by himself, Multi-camera simultaneous shooting is achieved by TOE trigger.

Of course, it does not matter if the industrial camera you buy does not have the TOE function. You can also achieve this goal through software triggering. The software and hardware TOE joint solution fully meets the multi-faceted needs of customers.

If you have other things you don't understand, welcome to enter the LR-LINK website, our technical staff will provide you with technical support throughout the process. For more product inquiries, please pay attention to our website: