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A Brief Introduction To The POE Network Card with NC-SI Function

Date:2021-02-02View:1170Tags:NC-SI Function,Network Card,POE Network Card


Along with the rapid development of network technology, visual inspection has been widely used in industrial automation applications, flaw detection and trigger of components, quality monitoring in the process of production and specific Angle of the image acquisition. Image acquisition cards are also constantly upgrading as industrial automation machine vision products with the rapid development of machine vision .

LRES2013PT-POE is shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD. (referred to as LR-Link) and developed a PCI Express x4 quad-port copper gigabit multi-function Ethernet image acquisition card (also known as quad-port NC-SI POE NIC), mainly is suitable for the industry visual inspection, visual client, server and equipment fast-moving Ethernet data transmission equipment, etc. with excellent product performance and stability of the network data transmission characteristics.

Based on the main control chip, the PoE NIC is developed on the Intel Ethernet MAC+PHY(media access controller and physical interface transceiver). In addition to the I350 excellent performance, it allows four ports in full-duplex mode of work at the same time in the gigabit Ethernet network connection through the link aggregation to expand the bandwidth of PCI Express channel as well as save bus bandwidth, to meet the needs for those of high performance network communication to the most extent.

Secondly, except from all the performance characteristics that PoE image acquisition card have, it has PoE+ monitoring function. The users can control on-off control, monitoring parameters such as voltage, current, temperature function, as well as digital input/output interface, receive the switch input and switch output signal control peripheral devices via PoE+. Take PoE+ monitoring capability as an example, when the key position of NIC are detected with high temperature, the monitor will give warnings in time so the users can effectively reduce the network card damage loss. What's more, due to each port's real-time PoE+ parameters are monitored, such as voltage, current and power rating, great convenience for equipment working state information of rapid transfer could save a lot of manpower and resources.

Finally, with the unique functional design of an external 4-PIN power supply interface on the sideband communication network card, it can adapt to the  external equipment power output. In the design of digital input and output interface, users can set the digital input and output as linkage, and the delay between the input and output can be adjusted by tool software.

Because of its excellent product performance and stable data transmission, it has a broad market in the future application fields with high demand for image acquisition such as machine vision, 3D image acquisition, medical imaging, motion typing and so on.