LR-LINK Something About Ethernet Card
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Something About Ethernet Card

Date:2020-11-07View:1232Tags:LRLINK,ethernet card,100G card,intel adapter,tcp/ip

About the network card we all know that there are many kinds of network card, involving industrial automation, network security, optical fiber to the desktop and other applications, Ethernet card is what, what are the functions of Ethernet card, then The following small make up with you to introduce the Ethernet card.


1. What is an Ethernet card

Network card (NIC), namely network interface controller, also known as network adapter or LAN receiver, is the most basic, the most important, the most indispensable connection equipment in the computer network system. It can be said that, if there is no network card component, the computer equipment can not be interconnected. Networking is difficult.


2. Main functions of network card:

In the TCP/IP model, network CARDS work at the physical and data link levels and are mainly used to receive and send data.


1) Encapsulation and unsealing of data: it is like mailing a package, the contents of which are data, and the packaging of the package is the beginning and end of the frame.

2) Represents a fixed address: for example, when data is sent, to whom you need to send it, and from whom you receive it, it is all determined by the address.

3) Data coding and decoding: Data transmission needs to be carried on the physical medium. In the actual process, electrical signals or optical signals are transmitted, so the data need to be converted into electrical signals or optical signals.

4) Link management: Ethernet is a Shared link, so when you are sending data, if someone else is using it, there will be conflicts, so you need to check if the link state is idle when you request to send.

5) Send and receive data.


3. Historical evolution of network card


4. Classification of network CARDS

With the rapid development of computer network technology, in order to meet the needs of various environments and levels of application, different types of network CARDS appear in the market.

1) according to the type of bus, there are PCI, PCIe, USB, ISA, among which ISA/PCI bus ISA relatively early bus, which has been gradually phased out in the market, and USB interface network card is mainly used in consumer electronics, so in industrial applications, server computers are mainly used by the PCIe bus.

2) Divided by structure and form: Integrated network card (LOM), PCIe network card, Mezz card, heterosexual card, etc.

3) By bandwidth: 100Mb, 1000M, 2.5g, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 200G...

4) According to the network interface, it is mainly divided into electric port (RJ45) and optical fiber port (SC, LC, etc.);

5) Divided by application: server network card, desktop network card, industrial network card, etc.


In this way, more dedicated server nic and the difference between ordinary card: compared with dedicated server level card, workstation's network is mainly used in PC, workstations, and consumer electronics products, requirements for reliability and security of the network card is not so high, but dedicated server nic needs long time and stable operation, so the server should possess special card data transmission speed, low CPU usage, higher performance and safety performance.

Small make up said so much, we basically on the Ethernet card is what have a basic understanding of it, also know that there are many kinds of network card classification, so that there is no specific good or bad network card, suitable for their own is the best, when choosing to buy network card, you can buy according to their own needs. However, quality is always the first, it is recommended that users buy network CARDS must choose a regular, with good qualifications of the manufacturers and businesses to buy, not only to ensure that you can buy authentic, more importantly, there is a guarantee of after-sales service.