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Wind of the King, LR-LINK Launched Gigabit Poe Intelligent Ethernet Image Acquisition Card

Date:2020-09-03View:468Tags:poe card,oe + Ethernet,GigE vision,Poe+

With the rapid innovation of information technology, the application fields of machine vision, motion analysis, traffic monitoring, unmanned driving, and medical imaging are developing rapidly, which depends on the extensive application of real-time image acquisition card.

Different from the traditional image acquisition, in the application of modern image, we need to consider the precision synchronization, low delay processing, trigger convenience and sensitivity of image acquisition. Even after the image acquisition is completed, we also need to consider the subsequent filter processing module. Therefore, in the sampling control of image sensor, MCU and CPLD can not complete all functions independently Yes, but a single FPGA chip can handle all functions independently.

Lreg1004pt-poe is a Gigabit Poe + Ethernet image acquisition card with four electrical ports and hardware toe function independently developed by Shenzhen LR-LINK Electronics Co., Ltd. The network card conforms to the GigE vision standard (GigE vision is a global interface standard designed to support the implementation of the GigE and 802.11 wireless network, including Ethernet transmission of high-speed video and related control data), can accurately synchronize multiple cameras trigger acquisition, real-time fast, high bandwidth transmission of large images, transmission rate of 125mb / s, transmission distance of 100 meters.

From the perspective of product structure, each board of Shenzhen LR-LINK acquisition card integrates four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. In terms of performance, it supports multiple acquisition cards to be installed in one system, and carries out unified management and control. It supports online viewing of camera port status, which is very convenient for customers to view system failure and operation status in actual scene applications Potential.

At the same time, the intelligent image acquisition card of Shenzhen LR-LINK has toe function, so it not only covers all the excellent performance of FPGA chip, but also can significantly reduce the server load and reduce the cost of hardware and I / O.

In the image acquisition card, the setting of trigger mode is also a priority for the R & D personnel of Shenzhen LR-LINK. Lreg1004pt-poe is an intelligent image acquisition card, which has both hardware and software trigger mode in toe trigger mode. The hardware trigger mode adopts external synchronous pulse input and orthogonal encoder input respectively. There is no need to add additional hardware equipment, two trigger methods, more flexible and convenient, fully meet the needs of customers in many aspects.

Because of its excellent product performance and stable data transmission, it has a wide market prospect in the future, such as machine vision, 3D image acquisition, medical imaging, motion classification and other areas with high demand for image acquisition.