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Machine Vision

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Project Background

  • Machine vision developed early, mainly in Europe, America and Japan. As the global manufacturing center shifts to China, the Chinese machine vision market is becoming an important target market for international machine vision manufacturers after North America, Europe and Japan.
  • Machine vision is a system in which the human eye is measured and judged in place of the human eye.It automatically by the optical devices and non-contact sensors to obtain images of the target object, according to the pixels of the image by image processing equipment distribution, brightness and color information for a variety of computing and discriminant analysis, to extract the characteristics of the information need or according to the result of discriminant analysis for some field device for motion control.
  • Guangdong OPT Machine Vision Co., LTD. was founded in 2005 and has become a high-tech enterprise which has been leading the application of machine vision technology for ten years.It is a competitive visual imaging solution for system integrators, equipment manufacturers, large manufacturing enterprises and large processing enterprises.

Introduction of the project

Project Features

In IP terminals for the machine vision industry (such as IP intercom telephones, wifi wireless LAN access point AP, webcam, etc.) to transmit data signals at the same time, also can provide such equipment with technology of dc power supply.Lianrui has developed PoE network card with the assist of OPT, which is influential in the machine vision industry.LREC9714HT-PoE adapter technology can ensure the safety of the existing structured cabling in guarantee the normal operation of the existing network at the same time, minimizing costs, and realize the perfect combination of machine vision solutions for data transmission.

Product introduction:

LREC9724HT-PoE is a PCI Express x4 high-performance Quad Port Copper(RJ45) Gigabit PoE Ethernet adapter card based on Intel I350AM4 Chipset, independently researched and designed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD. it can  compatible with PCIe x8, x16 channels at the same time. LREC9724HT-PoE provides four standard PoE power ports (PoE supports). Each port can provide 15.4w /48V power and 1000Mb/s bandwidth;Using IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at compliant PoE power supply standard;Supports 9KB jumbo frames, supports link aggregation and 1000Mb/s bandwidth, enough to meet all kinds of high definition transmission requirements.


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