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  • Small business

    Small Business

    The costs, the waste and the chaos of management are increasing sharply with the further intensification and deepening of enterprise informatization. The utilization of servers is low, and the utilization efficiency is not balanced. The utilization rate of most of the machines running in the computer room is very low. The resource utilization of CPU, memory and hard disk space ...

  • Government office

    Government Office

    Meeting customers’ demand and pursuing more excellent quality are our goal forever.We warmly welcome global customers to negotiate with cooperation,take chance,realize win-win profits....

  • Military industrial enterprises

    Military Industrial Enterprises

    With the development of computers, communications and network technologies, the pace of global informatization is getting faster and faster. Network information systems have become a country, an industry, a group and an enterprise seeks to develop infrastructure. While human beings feel the tremendous contribution of network information systems to social civilization, they also...

  • Gateway


    The comprehensive audit system guarantees WEB logs, database logs, server logs, etc., for a period of at least six months. Two unidirectional import and export channels are established using two security isolation and one-way transmission systems (ie, one-way optical shutters) to exchange data between internal and external networks, and to perform protocol stripping, format che...

  • firewall


    Product quality is the first thing.Every link :product design, raw material purchase, production,test, assembly,pack and delivery ,etc is carried out according to quality requirements and environmental standards of ISO9001/ISO14001 ...

  • Machine vision

    Machine Vision

    Machine vision developed early, mainly in Europe, America and Japan. As the global manufacturing center shifts to China, the Chinese machine vision market is becoming an important target market for international machine vision manufacturers after North America, Europe and Japan....

  • Internet cafe industry

    Internet Cafe Industry

    In 2014, some one puts forward the concept of "Internet cafes", so, the rise of all kinds of "Internet cafes" have sprung up, but the understanding of "Internet cafes" are various, have a rough understanding for Internet cafes + coffee, have understanding for Internet cafes + homemade drinks, and understanding for Internet cafes + luxury decoration, in fact, in my opinion, it i...

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