LR-LINK Exhibition News| May COMPUTEX Taipei , Booth: K0204
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LR-LINK Exhibition News| May COMPUTEX Taipei , Booth: K0204

Date:2019-05-17Views:1557Tags:network card,PoE,IoT,AI,nic card,fibre optic,network adapter

Computex Taipei will be held Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on the during the May 28-June 1,2019.Shenzhen Lianrui (LR-LINK). At that time, Shenzhen Lianrui (LR-LINK) will bring various specifications of Ethernet adapters to fully display in fiber optical communication, data center, network security, machine vision, IoT and other related application industry.


COMPUTEX 2019 continues its position of Building Global Technology Ecosystems, focusing on the latest tech trends such as AI & IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Innovations & Startups, and Gaming & XR.

This year, COMPUTEX combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (AI & IoT) across multiple exhibition areas such as "Systems and Solutions", "Industrial Internet of Things and Embedded Solutions", "SmarTEX", and "InnoVEX", displaying solutions ranging from smart homes, smart transportation, wearables, and health technology.

Based on the theme of “Pervasive Intelligence”, the 2019 COMPUTEX Forum has invited 18 heavyweight speakers from leading firms such as IBM, Intel, Micron, NVIDIA, SAP, Siemens and more to discuss in three topic sessions: “Disruptive Trends Session”, “AI Session”, and “AIoT Session”. The speakers will unveil their insights into future trends, announce industry distribution, new products, and disruptive technology trends.

Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. (LR-LINK) independently develops and produces various kinds of Ethernet adapters, including copper or fiber transmission, and regular network cards with transmission rates of 100M to 40G; Bypass network cards in network security industry; Wide-temperature network cards in automation industry, PoE network cards with PoE power supply, Mini PCIe network cards that save boards space; and special customized horizontal plug-in network cards, dual-optical dual-copper network cards, etc.

A wide variety of products, versatile, can meet the demand of customers in a variety of application scenarios, has been widely used in server room, cloud computing, IDC, big data storage center, industrial Internet of things, industrial automation, machine vision, network security and other industries, very popular with customers

Technology development and market applications are often linked. Technological advancement will drive the rise of various technologies. This year at COMPUTEX, We will see the integration of technologies such as AI and IoT that will derive ever-changing smart applications which have gradually overturned various industries.In the future, Innovative developments in the areas of intelligent transportation, smart healthcare and smart cities will definitely place new requirements  on Ethernet applications.

Shenzhen Lianrui is fully prepared, we will deeply dig into the application needs of various scenarios, keep up with the pace of technological development in the industry, continue to innovate and launch new products that meet market trends ,to meet the opportunities and challenges brought by the rapidly changing wave of industrial technology development. 

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