6210PF-SFP    PCIe x1 1000Base-SX/LX SFP Port Fiber NIC (Broadcom 5708S Based)
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Good News--New Product 6210PF-SFP Hot Sale

Date:2012-07-11Views:419Tags:pci-e card,bcm 5708 nic,sfp port network card,fiber nic,gigabit lan card
Good News
New product 6210PF-SFP was successfully developed at the same time with 6210PF.The 6210PF-SFP listed in the market less than a month,but get the customer's welcome. There have been five consecutive high-volume customer orders, which will undoubtedly be the biggest affirmation to the hard work of research dpt  in recent and bring unlimited power for our company make new products.6210PF and 6210PF-SFP have the same features, are based BCM5708S chip, just different interfaces. 6210PF:SC Port, 6210PF-SFP:SFP Port. Here, once again emphasize 6210PF-SFP features and Broadcom chip characteristics. So that our customers can better understand our new products.
LREC6210PF-SFP PCIe x1 1000Base-SX/LX SFP Port Gigabit Fiber Network Interface Card For Desktop(Based on BCM5708S)
The new product's advantages as follows:
* Use the server chipset,can support more fuctions
* Compatible all the OS 
* PCB 4 layer,1.5oz,4mil,more stable,longer using time,smaller resistance 
* Two line power : 3.3v/1.2v
* DC-DC power supply,avoid the card effecting by power influence
* All use the good quality materials
* Support PXE
* Use the TI power controller,the best controller manufacturers in the world,it can provide a stable working enviroment

Broadcom Chipset 5708S's Features:
Full fast-path TCP offload;
iSCSI initiator;
RDMA over TCP (iWARP)-RDMAC 1.0 compliant;
Receive Side Scaling (RSS);
TCP, IP checksum;
TCP segmentation;
Adaptive interrupts;
Message Signal Interrupt (MSI) support;
PXE 2.0 remote boot; Wake-On LAN;
ACPI 1.1a compliant power management;
Virtual LANs—802.1q VLAN tagging;
Jumbo frames (9 KB);
802.3x flow control;
Low-power CMOS design;
Low-power CMOS design;
3.3V I/Os.
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