LREC6210PF PCI Express x1 SC Port Gigabit Fiber Network Interface Card For Desktop(Based BCM5708S)
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Successfully developed SC port gigabit fiber network card for desktop based on Broadcom 5708S

Date:2014-07-02Views:288Tags:pci-e card,bcm 5708s nic,sc port network card,fiber nic,gigabit lan card
New Product Launch
Through LR-Link research dpt. unremitting efforts and repeated tests,successfully developed LREC6210PF PCI Express x1 SC Port Gigabit Fiber Network Interface Card For Desktop(Based on BCM5708S). LREC6210PF is rated as a  piece of beautifully carved sculpture due to fined, cared  manufacturing.
The new product's advantages as follows:
* Use the server chipset,can support more fuctions
* Compatible all the OS 
* PCB 4 layer,1.5oz,4mil,more stable,longer using time,smaller resistance 
* Two line power : 3.3v/1.2v
* DC-DC power supply,avoid the card effecting by power influence
* All use the good quality materials
* Support PXE
* Use the TI power controller,the best controller manufacturers in the world,it can provide a stable working enviroment

Broadcom Chipset 5708S's Features:

Full fast-path TCP offload;

iSCSI initiator;

RDMA over TCP (iWARP)-RDMAC 1.0 compliant;

Receive Side Scaling (RSS);

TCP, IP checksum;

TCP segmentation;

Adaptive interrupts;

Message Signal Interrupt (MSI) support;

PXE 2.0 remote boot; Wake-On LAN;

ACPI 1.1a compliant power management;

Virtual LANs—802.1q VLAN tagging;

Jumbo frames (9 KB);

802.3x flow control;

Low-power CMOS design;

Low-power CMOS design;

3.3V I/Os.

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