LR-LINK 10Gb Single-port Network Card Swept The Overseas Mark
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Shenzhen Lianrui (LR-LINK) Tehuti Main Control 10Gb Single-port Network Card Swept The Overseas Mark

Date:2018-08-28Views:494Tags:LR-LINK,Tehuti Main Control,10Gb Single-port Network Card,LREC6860BT

Since its launch, LREC6860BT, a 10Gb Single-port NIC launched by LR-LINK brand of Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd., has been popular in overseas markets with its fast-paced and high-quality products. The popularity of the product quickly spread to China, and recently attracted many media to report it.

Unlike the common Intel main control, the control of LREC6860BT is from Tehuti ,an Israeli company. In terms of basic specifications, the LREC6860BT uses PCIe 2.0 x4 interface, is compatible with PCIe x8/x16, and consumes only 6.1W in 10G operation. The integrated RJ45 can support 100m copper links, including 10G in Category 6 (Cat6A) or higher, and 5 Gigabit in Category 6 and Category 5 lines.

The LREC6860BT is available in a mini package that is compatible with servers and workstations, and supports systems such as Mac/Windows/Linux/VMware.

According to incomplete statistics, LREC6860BT has been promoted by the following mainstream media, with links.

1. Overseas media:


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③AKIBA PC Hotline!



⑥Google News

2. Chinese domestic media:

①Sina Finance Headlines

②Today's headlines


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