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Our Ethernet network cards and adapters offer flexible solutions for connecting your laptop, desktop computer, or server to an Ethernet network by fiber or copper. You can find the suitable products by the following choices。

LREC6230PF PCIe x1 1000BASE Desktop Fiber Ethernet Adapter (Intel I210IS Based)
PCIe 1000BASE Desktop Fiber Ethernet Adapter

LREC6230PF PCIe x1 1000BASE Desktop Fiber Ethernet Adapter (Intel I210IS Based)
LREC6230PF is a typical model of 1000base-SX Ethernet adapter, based on Intel I210IS Ethernet Controller, researched and designed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD. This new Ethernet adapter builds on LR-LINKs 10 years history of excellence in NIC R&D and Manufacture. LR-LINK continues to maintain the leadership position on NIC inChina. This optical fiber Ethernet adapter is widely applied various occasions of Fiber To The Desktop (FTTD), set up optical fiber LAN network, optical fiber connection with life expectancy of 30 years, not subject to electromagnetic interference and against lightning. This adapter has very high data security, high reliability, stability and compatibility, has been widely used in the secret industry, such as prosecution, courts, police and military industrial enterprises etc. represented defense sectors, and gained all customers unanimous recognition.

LR-LINK has PCI, PCIe x1;100M,1G; SC,SFP,LC,ST,FC; Multi-Mode, Single-Mode and Bidirectional etc. Full-Series Fiber To The Desktop optical fiber network card (FTTD fiber network card). There are more than 50 models for your choose. LR-LINK is an important pusher of the solutions application for global Fiber to the desktop (FTTD), is the leader of global desktop optical fiber network card. If you want to know more product information, please browse: http://www.lr-link.com/DesktopFiberNICCards/index1.shtml

This LREC6230PF Ethernet adapter represents the next step in the Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networking evolution for the enterprise and data center offering Audio-Video-Bridging (AVB) support, along with power management technologies such as Energy Effcient Ethernet (EEE) and DMA Coalescing (DMAC).

Key Features
Single-port PCI-Express 1000BASE-SX Ethernet adapter
High-performing design supporting PCI Express Gen 2.1 2.5GT/s
Innovative power management features including Energy Effcient Ethernet (EEE),
DMA Coalescing, ultra-compact design, and a unique ventilated bracket for increased effciency and reduced power consumption
IEEE 802.1Qav Audio-Video-Bridging (AVB) for tightly controlled media stream syn-chronization, buffering, and reservation
Reliable and proven Gigabit Ethernet technology from Intel Corporation

Filled with Performance Optimization Capabilities
The Intel Ethernet Controller I210 Family contains four transmit and four receive queues for the single port. These queues offer Error Correcting Memory (ECC) protection for improved data reliability. The controller effciently manages packets with minimum latency by combining parallel and pipelined logic architectures optimized for these independent transmit and receive queues. These queues, combined with Receive Side Scaling (RSS) and Message Signal Interrupt Extension (MSI-X) support, provide a toolset for optimizing the performance on multi-core processor designs. Advanced interrupt-handling features to manage multiple interrupts simultaneously, combined with intelligent lltering, ordering, and directing of packets to specilc queues and cores, enables load-balancing the network traffc lows to improve throughput in multi-core platforms.Other performance-enhancing features include IPv4 and IPv6 checksum offoad,TCP/UDP checksum offoad, extended Tx descriptors for more offoad capabilities, up to 256 KB TCP segmentation (TSO v2), header splitting, 40 KB packet buffer size, and 9.5 KB Jumbo Frame support.

Advanced Features
Audio-Video Bridging(AVB)
The Intel Ethernet Controller I210 Family supports IEEE 802.1Qav Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) for customers requiring tightly controlled media stream synchronization, buffering, and reservation. The 802.1Qav is part of the AVB specilcation that provides a way to guarantee bounded latency and latency variation for time-sensitive traffc and includes:
Timing and Synchronization for time-specilc applications (802.1AS).
Stream Reservation (SR) protocol to guarantee the resources needed for Audio/Video (AV) streams (802.1Qat).
Forwarding and queueing enhance-ments for time-sensitive streams (802.1Qav).

Power Management Technologies
Today, companies want to decrease energy consumption across the enterprise to reduce costs and environmental impact, while also solving increasingly important power density challenges. Thats why Intel has introduced new, advanced Power Management Technologies with the Intel Ethernet Controller I210 Family that enable platforms to confgure its power options and more effectively manage power consumption.

Energy Efficient Ethernet(EEE)
The Intel Ethernet Controller I210 Family supports the IEEE 802.3az EEE standard so that during periods of low network activity, EEE reduces the power consumption of an Ethernet connection by negotiating with the switch port to transition to a low power idle (LPI) state.
This reduces power to approximately 50% of its normal operating power-saving power on both the network and the switch ports. When increased traffc is detected,
the controller and the switch quickly come back to full power to handle the increased traffc.